Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This Is Me Smiling

Today is a brighter day than yesterday. Yesterday, I found out my husband has to take a business trip to another country for about 4 days. . .which means I'm alone in our house for four long days. And when I'm alone, Edie is right there to entertain me with her oh-so-interesting thoughts. And yesterday, I felt overwhelmed on figuring out a game plan to handle her while I'm alone.

And then I came on my blog, and saw all the positive comments on my previous posts. It's easy for me (and I think anyone with an eating disorder) to think I'm alone in this battle - that I have the weight of it all on just my shoulders. Having all your kind support, and knowing there are others out there who struggle with their own Edie, makes me realize I'm not alone - not in the least. And I'm not about to give up.

Thank you for all your awesome comments - I promise to keep writing, if we all promise to keep trying!


LG said...

Heya - I just found your blog - you go, girl! Just wanted to share a few books that I've read and that have contributed to helping me be a somewhat "normal eater" again.

The Rules of Normal Eating (sounds diet-y, but actually is very good and not diet-y)
Overcoming Overeating
When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies
Life without ED (You mentioned this one)
Breaking Free from Emotional Eating
Life Inside the Thin Cage

Oh! And one website that has been quite

Um...anyway, I hope things go ok while your husband is away...take care.

Anonymous said...

I think you TOTALLY need to get a bunch of DVDs of movies that he would never watch (I don't know your husband, maybe he loves every movie you do, maybe I'm projecting a bit...) and curl up with a remote and an afghan.

Keep smilin'!