Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Tweens

This past Halloween I had my first chance in over five years to pass out candy to the little kiddos. And what surprised me the most? That they aren't exactly kiddos anymore.

Sure, there were a good handful of four and five year-old princesses and superman's. There were a few nine and ten-year-old goblins. But, I also opened the door to find scantily clad 12 and 13-year-old's posing in costumes like they were auditioning for the next Maxim.

Okay, okay, maybe I sound like an uptight old hag, but it really did sadden me to see these young girls dressed in these itsy-bitsy costumes. One was Red Riding hood in platform heels and a red miniskirt that barely covered her butt. Another was a fairy in a tight white corset and a short, torn green skirt. Each girl's outfit dared you to not look at her.

And yes, I know the object of wearing a costume is to be someone completely unlike your day-to-day self. But I still wanted to take those girls and shake them by the shoulder and tell them that showing off more skin will not mean they get they guy they want, that the attention they are bringing to themselves is not admiration, and that trying to be older than you are is really not all that fun.

We all know that for some reason, Halloween has evolved to give girls a free pass to dress skimpily without the moniker of "slut" tagged on us. But, putting that blatant emphasis on our bodies - and have girls do it so young - is disheartening.

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